Here is a list of some of the best, funniest, clever and catchy slogans for Babysitter, Daycare and Preschools / Kindergarten. Here are some great ideas for marketing materials for your children services.

This cute design with catchy slogan, “We do our part to provide a good head start!” Has three happy kids jumping for joy in front a colorful rainbow sunshine rays and bubbles. Sweet and bubbly design, with complimentary colors that will be sure to stand out. Customize with your own contact information.

Funny babysitter slogan, “So it doesn’t get wild, I’ll take care of your child”. Cute design with wild but cute cuddly safari animals. Sweet Elephant, smiley monkey, tall giraffe and vibrant lion. Surrounded will colorful circles contrasting the light blue pastel background. Looks professional and cute. Great for many slogans that go with these animals or jungle themed.


Charming memorable phrase for childcare. If parents have have last minute plans, you are the there to provide great childcare. Image of three happy children waiving hi and bye on a background of green grass design and sky blue spirals.

Owls are wise and this business card is a wise choice for your preschool, childcare, nanny or babysitting service. You can change the slogan to “My babysitting service is a wise choice” or “Choosing me to watch over your kids is a wise choice.” or “Night and Day, I’ll keep an eye on them when you are away.” All text is changeable.

Show what is special about your service for kids. Do you foster creativity? Do you provide entertainment and fun? Do you make learning fun? Do you provide tutoring and homework help? Including what’s special about your business in your slogan is a great idea.

Clever play on words with this babysitting business card. Delightful, charming, Momma and baby monkey swinging on a vine in the jungle. “Need a sitter? I’ll swing on by!” Great image that can be used with alot of cute slogans such as, don’t let it get wild, I’ll take care of your child! No monkey business when it comes babysitting.

Vector graphics ABC blocks with clever slogan, “We’ll look after your girls and boys, with arts and crafts, games and toys!” Leave your kids in good hands in an environment that cultivates, fun and learning. Where fun and learning go hand in hand! We provide the building blocks to future of learning and growth. The building blocks to a bright future. Choosing a daycare can be as easy as ABC!

Pretty pink, purple and blue hues with rays of light and bubbles. Children and babies of all ages, big and small, short and tall, I’ll take care of them all! They just want to laugh and play, learn and grow, color and sing, build and imagine. For the future generation, expand their imagination!

Cute cuddly teddy bears design. I stay aware and watch them with care. Pleasant, charming soft hues pf blue and green, with creative patterns and big and lil teddy bears. Great design for caregivers, nannies or children services. 

Colorful circles design with green striped background, big eyed child animals. Don’t let it turn into a zoo! I’ll care for your kids for you! I am PAWsitivly the best choice to care for your kids. It’s a jungle out there, leave your kids in good care!

Funny monkey slogan for monkeys design, great for nanny, sitter or preschool. When it comes to babysitting, don’t monkey around.
Having too many things to do can drive you bananas. When is comes to babysitting, I have it covered. Leaves covered canopy with joyful monkeys swinging on a vine. A funny and Memorable phrase will you in your clients mind. No monkeying around when looking for a sitter! When you gotta jet, no need to fret, I’m your safe bet!

Baby Blue handprint logo wit creative royal blue background patter design. I have things under control, when you have to go. I’ll be there in a hurry, so you don’t have to worry. I’m aware and care, when you need a sitter, I’ll be there!

Preschool or daycare, thats reliable and fair, providing great childcare! Contrasting beautiful purple and green hues with artistic jumping kids logo. Customize with your own logo and content.

Brown, yellow, green, pink, blue color blocks with handprints. Great for a wide variety of businesses and services. Fun and learning, imagination and creativity, motivation and compassion go hand in hand. Stand out with a beautiful, professional, memorable design.

Group a kids, playing, waving hi, pretending, jumping, learning, just being kids. I’ll watch them as they jump, learn and play, each and every day. Playing in green blue sunshine. Girls and boys of all ages and backgrounds, coming together to learn and play.

Do they like to draw, color, paint, write, read, imagine, create and play? When I’m there, your kids are in good care.

Big eyed wise big owl caring for three little blue, purple and orange owls. Fly into a bright future. Owl keep an eye on them. Fly on the wings of success. Night and Day, I am a phone call away.

Give your kids a great jumpstart. Soft sky blue patterned hues with contrasting green. Brown eyed boy, blue eyed, blonde girl, and black hair girl with pony tails. As they laugh, dance and play the day away.

Kids arguing and screaming in the background. Mom is stressed with tired eyes. Moms are strong, hardworking and have their handsfull. Sometimes they just need a break and time to themselves to relax. Need a rest? Call the best!

I’m reliable and fair, providing great childcare. Card design you can customize with your now business name, slogans and address. Pink and red colors with happy children playing logo.

A slogan is a great opportunity to decide what great service you provide that distinguishes your children’s service from other businesses. What sets you apart? Grow imagination in a creative atmosphere. We promote learning, fun, and using one’s imagination. Learn, Laugh, Grow! Learn, Create, Grow!

Want a slogan and design that will be sure to impress! Need a sitter today? I’m a phone call away.